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Music Mixing and Scoring

ART MPA II Tube Mic Pre Amp
Mixer interface cubase quad audio mix surround

Mixing is a vital part of finishing any project. It’s not just leveling dialog, using gentle EQ and compression to get everything to sit right. Thats a given for good mixing. It’s being able to work with multiple delivery standards for TV, Netflix, and Youtube. It has to sound right everywhere and meet appropriate technical standards for delivery.

      When location sound doesn’t work perfectly we have several repair tools for cleaning up noise in tracks or can handle ADR with the choice of several tools to automate the job. Stereo, QUAD and 5.1 SRS supported.  We love doing foley work.

      One of our latest projects was a live immersive experience  featuring 3 synchronized video screens and a quad audio mix to play sound around the entire space. Quad is very effective for live shows and requires the least amount of gear on location. Our enthusiasm for the format even got a NLE vendor to add support for the format. 

We have a large choice of VST based instruments and effects emulations as well as real instruments and effects. Use the best tool for the job. 

PRS SE custom seymour duncan 22fret
Audio Mixer Controllers MIDI recording


Do you want music that works perfectly for your project ? It times out correctly and moves along with the content in the right context ? Tired of hearing the same old library tracks used again and again ?

     We offer music scoring for projects to create exactly the right style and groove. This covers the gamut from more classical sounding electronica to guitar driven rockers. Often projects really want a mix of styles to fit the mood and message. Check out our shooting demo for one track that varies across a range of styles. We have both in house talent and gear as well as several of the areas leading composers and performers available for getting it right.

Our studio has a mix of classic vintage synths, modulars, softsynths, drums machines, guitars and basses, amps, mics, real outboard signal processors and the best in plugin emulations. All the stuff to make some great sounding tracks. Add talent and lets make some music.