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Cameras & Drones

Cinema Cameras

Canon C300 Mk3
Active PL & EF mounts
Full sensor 4K 120fps RAW in camera
2K 1080 120-180fps
Production or ENG shoulder rig config
Canon Extension Back EU-V2 : 2 XLR, streaming ethernet, Lens control port
Zacuto Kameleon EVF 1920X1080 color
512gb express type B cards

Canon C300 mk2
4K 60 FPS, RAW via SDI
2K 120 FPS
BP-A60 batteries
Gold Mount Battery plate for 15mm rods
256gb cFast 2 cards
Canon EVF
15mm custom base plate

Sony FX9, FX6
4Kp60 2Kp120
Mounts PL E
Sony Color EVF

canon C300 mk3 fuji 20-120
Mavic Pro 2 Drone 4Kp30 2.7K 90 1080p120

Hero 9 cameras
Extensive selection of mounts
External powering
External Cabling

Bucks Coach Fiserv ESPN IMG_1885

FujiFilm XH2s S35

6K30p  3:2 Open gate
4Kp120, 1080p240
14+ stops DR !

FujiFilm XH2 S35 8K

8K 30p ProRes
40MP Stills
14+ stops DR

NEW Battery Grip & File Transmitter. Send proxies or full res files direct to while shooting ! Remote camera control and tethered shooting.

ProRes HQ, STD, LT
h.265 720/400mbit 10bit
PL mount adapter
Active EF mount Adapter
Cage, 15mm Rods, Handle,
Wireless mount, Shinobi 5″ monitor
TC support

C300 mk3 jib arm remote follow focus 11-22 cine zoom


We have a wide selection of new and vintage glass to get just the right look. This list is often changing and being updated.


Laowa .71X wide angle speed booster designed specifically for the 24mm Probe lens.

Laowa 24mm Probe Lens in EF mount. Its the lens that gets those amazing up close product shots

Thousand Oaks Solar Exposure Filter 

1.25X anamoprphic expander works with most lenses and is single ring focusing.

Fujinon Cine Servo 20-120 3.5 PL
Tokina Cine 11-20 T2.9 PL
Canon Servo 17-120 2.9 PL

Sigma 18-35 1.8 EF AF
Sigma 50-100 1.8 EF AF
Sigma 120-300 2.8 EF IS AF
Canon 17-55 2.8
Cine gears on all
1.4X Extender
Automatic Extension Tubes

+1 Aspherical Diopter 95mm

Anamorphic Primes
25mm T2.8 1.33 X mount
50mm T1.9 1.33 X mount
75mm T1.9 1.33 X mount
1.25X Anamophic front expander provides 1.66X open gate 2.39 on these lenses or works on aspherical lenses. Single focus.

Primes Modern & Vintage
Rokinon Cine 8mm EF
Tokina / Vivitar Series 1 28 1.4 EF
OM 50 1.4 modded to EF 
OM 50 3.5 Macro modded to EF
Rokinon Cine 50 1.5 EF
Samyang 75 1.4 AF X mount
Jupiter 9 85 EF
Helios 44-2

SLR Magic MicroPrimes, X mount
12mm 2.8, 18mm 1.8, 25mm 1.5

Camera Support

Vinten Vision 8 & 11
Standard CF legs
Baby legs

Follow Focus
Tilta dual ended 15/19mm

Tilta Nucleus M wireless system
2 motors, R/S cables
Ronin S Remote Follow Focus
Left hand remote control grip
Complete accessories

Sliders & Motion Control

Rhino 42″ stainless steel base
24″ Carbon fiber rod base
4 Axis motor setup with remote focus.
Motion control and timelapse.
Full rigging for rigid support of Probe lens & focus motor

Matte Boxes
Tilta 4X5.65 3 stage swing away
Custom 138mm round adapter

Ronin S
Remote Follow Focus
Custom GoPro Mount

Cine (tape) RangeFinder
Ultrasonic distance indicator

Base Plates
15mm base plates 
ENG Shoulder rigs

assortment of 1″ thru 18″ 15mm

slider timelapse


Atomos Shinobi HMDI and SDI 5″

Atomos Sumo19 Monitor, Recorder 4 SDI inputs and can line switch. 720 and 1080 formats. 4K RAW recording. Stand mount, AB battery mount. 1TB SSD

SDI & HDMI video transmitter and receiver. Can send to 4 mobile devices at once.

Assorted 24″ computer monitors

42″ LG with stand for client area
HDMI X 4,  SDI converter

3 Epson 3800 lumen Ultra short Throw, 1920 X 1080 native res. 10′ wide image at 2-3′ from screen. Front, rear, floor or ceiling mounting. HDMI X 3, VGA. Audio in / out, Video Sync, supports multi projector wide use.

120″ Screens, no frames

Video Support
BlackMagic Design 4K ATEM Studio Switcher
Has chromakeyer with garbage matting for previewing composites and alignment with CGI plates.

Decimators : Any format of HD In and Out SDI and HDMI Converter

Assorted SDI DA’s, SDI <>HDMI Converters, VGA->SDI

AES digital audio to analog converter

Assorted BNCs to 100′, HDMI to 40′




17″ High brightness daylight viewable
Can easily be battery powered with regular gold or V mount
Wireless video feed for fast easy production on dollies or suitable  jib arms 
MBP for prompter apps
 2000W AC battery for mobile use in fields, parking lots and other places where running AC power is a pain, no problem. 
Extra custom rigging parts ! Setup for typical cinema cameras like Alexa Mini, Amira, REDs, Canon C series with primes or zooms, remote follow focus, ENG cams, even small mirrorless cameras are not a problem, we’ve done it before. We have the extra low mode bracket required for many of these cameras. Also carry an extra VCT plate to make switch overs easy.

Mobile Power

120V 2000w Portable Battery Bank
Multiple 120V outlets, USB A and C
Cellphone inductive charging
Fully mobile for field use, can power lights

120V 1000w Full sine wave inverter on truck

Arri Amira 17 Teleprompter wireless video feed battery powered IMG_7414
Teleprompter Streaming Live Remote C300 H IMG_8508



4X5.65 Schiender Dbl Classic
95mm 1+ diopter with 95->82 adapter
Black 1/4
138mm Pola
138mm Black Net 2B, 3A, 3B
138mm SoftCon #1, #2
4X4 Grad, SE 2 stop
4X4 White Net
Drone : Tiffen ND 2, 4, 8, Pola + 2, ,4,8 Stop