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Complete location sound services.

Live Events
Live broadcast TV
Live Internet Streaming
Complex routing & mixing.
Multiple mixes for program,  PA(s), IFB, Zoom Mix Minus

logic x cubase pro daw audio editor

Sound Devices 833 or 633
Xtouch Fader, Transport, EQ, Dynamics Controller
6 Ch Wysicom 470-663mhz
1 Ch Lectrosonics wireless
4 Ch G3 Sennheiser wireless
2 Ch wireless IFB
Sanken COS11 Lavs, Black, Beige
Sanken CS3e shotgun
Sanken CSM-1 Short shotgun
Schoeps CMC641, CMC 64
Dual 12′ CF boompoles
Dencke CS4 lockit boxes
Deity TC-1 TC boxes
Tentacle Sync E’s
Tentacle Track E recorders
Dencke TC Smart Slate R/W TC
RED, Alexa MINI, Lemo 5 TC cabling
Cellphone compatible IFB earpieces
IFB booster amps
Wireless IFB receivers 
Dedicated Sound cart loaded with many extras
Self powered speakers

schoeps CMC641 Mic