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Complete Location Sound Services.

Ready to go with multiple wireless lavs and support for multiple cameras. We show up with all gear ready to go because experience has shown when you don’t have it with you it’s the time you really do need it. Never worry about needing an extra mic or two, or having another camera on a shoot because it’s simply covered, no big deal. 

It’s always great to record in M/S, stereo or even 4 or 5 ch for surround sound fx. M/S is especially great to break the rules with to get interesting results. On one occasion we used a 24″ parabolic mic as the center for M/S recording for exceptional isolation from very intrusive ambient sound. 

Live Events
Live broadcast TV
Live Internet Streaming
Complex routing & mixing.
Multiple mixes for program,  PA(s), IFB, Zoom Mix Minus

Full Timecode support
Wireless camera hops and distro

logic x cubase pro daw audio editor

Sound Devices 833
X Touch Fader Surface, Transport, EQ, Dynamics Controller
6 Ch Wisycom 470-663mhz
1 Ch Lectrosonics wireless
4 Ch G3 Sennheiser wireless
2 Ch wireless IFB
Sanken COS11 Lavs, Black, Beige, Gray
Sanken CS3e shotgun
Sanken CS-M1 Short Shotgun
Sanken CSM-1 Short shotgun
Schoeps CMC641, CMC 64
RE50 HH X2
AT 405 HH Cardoid Dynamic
Dual 12′ CF boompoles
Dencke CS4 lockit boxes
Deity TC-1 TC boxes
Tentacle Sync E’s
Tentacle Track E recorders
Dencke TC Smart Slate R/W TC
RED, Alexa MINI, Lemo 5 TC cabling
Cellphone compatible IFB earpieces
IFB booster amps
Wireless IFB receivers
Audio DA for multicam feeds
IFB Distro Amp to feed multiple IFBs
Dedicated Sound cart loaded with many extras
Self powered speakers

ESPN Mic at Lambaue Field
Live recording acoustic guitar singer studio
schoeps CMC641 Mic