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Lighting, Grip and Electric

Lighting to handle most small to medium sized productions. HMI and LED. Single person  to several sized interviews, live shots, re-enactements, typical corporate productions, small commercials.

Larger grip packages from 1 ton trailer to 5 ton truck available.

List is subject to frequent update so if you don’t see it please ask, we probably have it or have easy access to add it on.


1 575W Fresnel FF Dim
3 400 HMI FF Dim
2 200 HMI FF

Flicker Free Electronic Ballasts
Some have dimmers

1200W Haze / Smoke Machine
With automatic timer for consistent level of atmosphere, it can run at full output continuously. 


1 600D Pro
1 600X Pro
2 300D Mk2
1 300X Mk2
1 120D Mk2
2 60D
2 NOVA P300C RGBWW 300w Panel
2+ MC’s RGBWW mini LED
2 SGC P120 4′ RGBWW tubes, can be battery powered

Lights have remote control app for color, output and effects. Also Supports DMX

Focused Lens Panels
3 P48 150W 4300K
2 P24 75W   4300K
Battery or 12V powerable

1X3 Bicolor
Assorted 1X1  Panel Lights
Assorted small lights

Some LED’s have battery powering options

 Ford Transit 250

Ford Transit 250

Camera, sound, grip and electric.
7′ height fits most parking garages.
All gear carted, loading ramp.
1000w full sine wave inverter will power 2 300D’s or 1 400w HMI
12V XLR4’s
Rear fold down desk
Side and rear external production lights
Toyo H2 tires for traction in snow or mud.
Ready for multiple production roles.

Mobile Power

120V 2200w Portable Battery Bank
Multiple 120V outlets, USB A and C
Cellphone inductive charging
Fully mobile for field use, can power larger lights for hours when required.

120V 1000w Full sine wave inverter on truck


1 48″ Senior cart
2 Combos
2 6′ Steel Booms
4 Beefy Baby
2 Small Beefy Baby
8+ C stands
1 Baby C
2 Black Alu Baby
2 Premie
2 10′ Alu baby
Assorted small travel stands


2 8×8 Frame 
Full Silk, 1/2 China silk, Solid, B&W griff
double net
1 6X4 Frame, full silk
1 36X36 Silk, 2 Floppies
2 24X36 Floppy
2 24X36 Silk
2 18X24 Solid
2 18X24 Silk
2 18X24 cookie
2 18X24 double net
1 18X24 single net

Ford transit 250 desk interior

6+ Heavy Cast Maffers
2 Lollipops 4″
4+ Grip heads
5+ Cardelli’s
1 Alligator
2 1X1 frame->5/8 Stud
6 1X1 Frame ears
assorted 5/8 rod
1 Jr->Baby adapter
3+ baby plates
18+ 4″ Spring clips


2 100′ 10ga
2 75′ 10ga
2+ 50′ 12ga
4+ 25′
2+ shorties
6+ cube taps
2+ power strips