Canon C300 Mk2 EF 4K UHD 2K 1080
Sony F55 PL EF AI 4K 2K

 RED Gemini 5K PL EF

GoPro Hero 5-7 cameras
Extensive selection of mounts
External powering

FujiFilm X-T3 S35</br>4Kp60 1080p120 400mbit 10bit
EF Adapter

Panasonic HPX-3000 P2
HPX-370 P2


We have a wide selection of new and vintage glass to get just the right look. This list is often changing and being updated.

Canon 17-120 2.9 PL
Sigma 18-35 1.8 EF AF
Sigma 50-100 1.8 EF AF
Sigma 120-300 2.8 EF IS AF
Canon 17-55 2.8
Cine gears on all
1.4X Extender
Automatic Extension Tubes
Primes Modern & Vintage
Rokinon Cine 8mm
Kiron 24 2.0
Series 1 28 1.4
OM 50 1.4
Takumar 50 1.4
Rokinon Cine 50 1.5
Jupiter 9 85
SLR Magic MicroPrimes
12mm 2.8, 25mm 1.5

Camera Support

Vinten Vision 8 & 11
Miller 30

Follow Focus
Tilta dual ended 15/19mm

Bright Tangerine Revolver

Ronin S Remote Follow Focus

complete accessories

Matte Boxes
Tilta 4X5.65 3 stage swing away
custom 138mm round adapter

Bright Tangerine 4X5.65
3 stage swing away

Ronin S
Remote Follow Focus
Custom GoPro Mount

Cine (tape) RangeFinder
Sonar distance indicator

Base Plates
15mm base plates appropriate for each camera

assortment of 1″ thru 18″ 15mm

100_0201 support