About Us

Practical Illusions has been in the film and TV production business for over 25 years serving national level clients.

• Provide services to a wide range of clients
• Won our share of awards for the work.
• Services include full service production for 24P SD & HD, 35mm, and regular video.
• Have all the latest hardware and software.

We push our tools to the limit everyday in delivering cutting edge results for our clients. No really we do!

On location, we've worked all over the world on a wide range of projects.These projects have ranged from huge concerts to documentaries shot in remote areas under demanding and difficult circumstances. We've worked in the Arizona Black Mesa desert without running water or electricity for a couple of weeks. That project won the 1998 Studio Film & Tape Grant as a documentary, and was shot on 16mm.

No matter how many fancy toys you have ( we have lots of fancy toys!), it requires both artistry and technical knowledge to deliver a project every time, on time, on budget, no matter what. Would we still be around if we didn't .To do this, we have some of the best people in the business. People who have great reputations in the industry as leading artists and developers that you can also get along with production pix. Steve Oakley has demoed FCP for apple, combustion for discreet , and Boris RED for BorisFX at national trade shows like NAB and DV Expo You could also just look at our demo reels, because they speak for themselves.

We've got repeat customers who keep coming back because we are doing something that they like. So why not try us for something new. May we also suggest, call us first, because we're a bunch of workaholic overachievers who deliver the goods every time.